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Yaskawa is offering functionalities that allow real-time processes as modular options for its present servo system E-V (Sigma-5) series.

This enables them to be used in assembly lines, packaging lines, printing machines and transportation systems.

With the optional functionality ‘Advanced Safety’, the servo system E-V (Sigma- 5) series meets the international regulations concerning the safety of automated processes.

The servo amplifiers of the E-V (Sigma-5) series are certified by German TUV Sud.

They comply with the common standards IEC 61508, IEC 62061, IEC 60204-1 and IEC 61800-5-2, as well as with the standard specification ‘Sicherheit von Maschinen’ EN ISO 13849-1.

As a standard functionality, the Safe Torque Off STO is integrated in all servo amplifiers E-V (Sigma- 5) series.

In case of an emergency, the power supply is cut off from the motor.

As an option, Yaskawa now offers the additional functionalities ‘Safe Stop SS1’ according to standard specification EN 60204, ‘Safe Stop SS2’ and ‘Safety Limited Speed’.

In case of ‘Safe Stop 1’, the motor drops to speed 0 within a programmable period of time and is cut off from power supply.

In case of ‘Safe Stop 2’, the motor drops to speed 0 within a programmable period of time and then the servo system holds the position.

In case of ‘Safety Limited Speed’, the servo system works at a low speed while controlling the process according to the functionality ‘STO’.

Additional to the existing Yaskawa communication interfaces Mechatrolink-II, Mechatrolink-III and Canopen, the servosystem is extended with the interfaces for Ethercat and Powerlink.

To realise highly efficient automated production lines with numerous servo systems, the servo amplifiers must be able to communicate at high data rates in an automation network.

This is known as real-time process.

Yaskawa has implemented this functionality in its servo system E-V (Sigma-5) series as modular extensions Ethercat and Powerlink.

These interfaces allow the set-up of an Ethernet automation network according to the standard specifications of Canopen (CoE) communication protocol, based on IEC 61158 and IEC 61800-7 CiA402, respective, according to the extended specifications of the Powerlink communication protocol.

In such a communication network, data is transmitted within periods of microseconds.

As a result, highly reliable real-time processes can be set up.

This allows the automation of very fast and highly productive machines using distributed servo systems and other components in the automation network.

Another optional extension is the Indexer module.

In combination with the E-V (Sigma-5) series, it allows the set up of high-level positioning systems without using a motion controller.

The configuration tool ‘Sigmawin+’ interacts with the user in a dialogue and reduces the set-up time to a minimum.

Up to 256 positions can easily be programmed through a program table.

Additionally, a range of functions, such as external positioning, JOG speed, homing and programmable signal outputs are available.

19 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs and a RS-422/RS485 communication port are standard.

The Indexer module can be helpful for easy and efficient automation of X-Y tables, rotary tables, warehouse handling systems, positioning conveyors and similar applications.

YASKAWA is a world-leading manufacturer of inverter drives, servo drives, machine controllers, and industrial robots. Especially in the field of linear drive technology YASKAWA is an international market leader and global player.

For almost 100 years, the company philosophy has been based on the principle of highest quality. This philosophy has helped YASKAWA to become one of the top global companies in the field of electrical drive technology. Its strong focus on research and development has yielded innovations that have contributed significantly to the success of many industries, among them machine construction, mining, machine tooling, automotive construction, packaging and semi-conductors.

As supplier of MOTOMAN branded industrial robots, market leader YASKAWA is also the world’s biggest robot manufacturer.

YASKAWA operates manufacturing and development facilities in Asia, Europe and North America.

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