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Sescoi will introduce the latest version of its Workplan Enterprise ERP at Euromold in Frankfurt from 1 – 4 December 2009.

Sescoi will also release its WorkNC parallel features (multi-threading and multi processing) for the first time at the show.

WorkNC’s parallel-computing capabilities enable it to take advantage of the speed of the latest multi-processor computers by splitting computational tasks between processors, reducing memory requirements and increasing the speed of calculation.

WorkNC users have long had the ability to program the next part while calculating the previous one, and can set-up a queue of jobs to be calculated out of normal working hours.

The new parallel algorithms will extend and further improve these capabilities, virtually eliminating waiting times and bringing an optimised toolpath to the machine tool in a fraction of the time previously possible.

WorkNC Auto 5 sets the standards for the easy and automatic programming of continuous five-axis toolpaths.

Sescoi has extended this capability with its Auto 3+2 module, designed to meet the demands of 3+2 axis machining.

Engineers on the Sescoi booth will demonstrate WorkNC Auto 3+2’s simple programming, which speeds up and simplifies 3+2 jobs, cuts down on manual operations, speeds up the machining process and eliminates errors.

WorkNC’s Auto 3+2 module brings the power of automatic multi-axis programming to older and larger machines, greatly improving their productivity.

Sescoi will also demonstrate the WorkNC V20, which is compatible with MS Windows 7.

Highlights of this latest version include Z-level finishing combined with optimisation in a single strategy and new three-axis undercut re-machining.

Live demonstrations of WorkNC’s intelligent cutter paths on a Hermle C30 five-axis machining centre will take place each day.

Visitors to the show from the dental and medical industries can also see a demonstration of WorkNC Dental with live machining of dental prostheses on a Witech MIC5 machine.

The WorkNC Dental CADCAM system’s automatic programming allows technicians with little or no knowledge of CNC machining to produce accurate, high-quality bridges, crowns and inserts in hard-to-machine materials such as chrome cobalt, titanium and zirconia.

Nesting minimises material wastage, interactive pin positioning locates the prosthesis during cutting, machining wizards automatically produce an optimised three to five-axis high-speed toolpath, and automatic margin-line detection ensures that the sensitive gum area is accurately machined.

Sescoi is working with a number of partners within the dental prosthetics manufacturing sector, including Dental Wings, well known for its scanners and dental CAD software.

Sescoi and its partners promote an ‘open system’ philosophy that provides dental professionals with a flexible and affordable solution for prostheses manufacture.

Workxplore 3D makes this possible by enabling the high-speed sharing, analysis and mark-up of CAD data from multiple sources.

New features within the software allow users to include dimensions with geometric tolerance symbols and permit data sharing with Sescoi’s ERP solution Workplan Enterprise V3, released at Euromold.

Workplan Enterprise V3 is dedicated to the needs of custom manufacturers such as special-purpose machine makers and mould makers.

It gives managers absolute control of costs and production and produces accurate quotations.

The new link to the Sescoi high-speed viewer, Workxplore 3D, helps to refine the quoting process, bringing better products to market sooner and at the right price.

Workplan Enterprise V3 will be SAP certified and has already increased the range of third-party software it links to, including Preactor and Ortems advanced planning and scheduling systems.

Quality-control improvements in the new version include scheduled-maintenance monitoring and equipment-recalibration timetables, while mobile working is promoted through remote-database access, allowing managers to check the status of production from anywhere in the world.

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