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Setsquared, a partnership between the universities of Bath, Bristol, Southampton and Surrey to incubate early-stage technology businesses, is visiting Boston for Massachusetts Clean Energy Week.

The event, to be held 9 – 13 November 2009, will host four UK companies, all of which are currently being incubated in Setsquared facilities.

They will attempt to accelerate their growth in the US market by meeting potential investors, partners and customers, to which they will pitch their technology.

The UKTI and the South West Regional Development Agency will support the trip.

The US market is important for new technology businesses, in part due to the federal stimulus money in this sector.

The four UK companies participating in the programme include two with low-power semiconductor technologies, one working in tidal energy and another offering a data acquisition and monitoring system for energy management.

Cascoda has developed an ultra low-power wireless chip for controlling data networks in homes, offices and industrial plants.

The market for these devices is expected to reach USD1.3bn (GBP790m) by 2012.

A programmable silicon chip from Silicon Basis promises to cut power consumption in such devices by 75 per cent and has the added benefit of being eight times smaller than comparable components.

Cormarent’s tidal stream energy generator is simply attached to a mooring and doesn’t need a rigid foundation.

This cuts the cost and complexity of tidal-energy installations.

Finally, typical energy savings of 20 per cent are promised by Austin Consultants’ real-time monitoring system for public and private-sector buildings.

The system, which can be retrofitted to existing installations, gives users a graphical display of energy usage, alerts them to irregular usage or power failure and is compatible with smart meters.


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