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Deritend has received an order from Severn Trent Water through Norwest Holst to supply and install four of the largest Archimedes screw type pumps in the UK.

The 34-tonne Archimedes type screws are being used for a new AMP 4 flood defence scheme at Green Lane in Derby.

Working with Landustrie, the manufacturer of the screws, Deritend is supplying the motors, gearboxes and installation work for the project, which is expected to be completed during the first quarter of 2009.

The increase in flooding problems in the UK has brought a focus on the importance of being prepared.

To help combat heightened flood risk Severn Trent Water has pledged to spend GBP40m across the Midlands on flood defences.

Some of this will be spent on sewage treatment works enabling them to handle the large volumes of flood water that can arrive in a matter of hours.

The Archimedes pumps are being used to direct wastewater overflow into holding areas to help prevent the contamination of local water resources.

This simple pump system is an efficient way of transferring large volumes of water over short distances.

The four Landustrie screws will measure 15m long with a diameter of 2.5m and are completely self contained.

Each screw is capable of transferring 2,000 litres per second.

When in place the screws would operate simultaneously, being capable of transferring over 8,000 litres per second.

The units will each be driven by 185kW WEG motors and Flender gearboxes.

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