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Severn Trent Services has donated 11 portable electrolytic water-disinfection systems to humanitarian agencies working in Haiti to assist in the effort to provide safe drinking water to its residents.

The combined units, which convert saltwater and energy into liquid sodium hypochlorite – a chlorine equivalent – are capable of disinfecting up to 13 million gallons of drinking water a day.

The donation is part of a grassroots campaign to enable ordinary citizens to treat their drinking water at the point of consumption.

The donated systems, all utilising Severn Trent Services’ proprietary electrolytic technology, are suited for use in isolated locations where water purification, waste treatment or surface disinfection is required.

Ten portable Sanilec systems and one Clortec unit were donated to three humanitarian agencies working in Haiti: Operation Blessing International, Deep Springs and St Damien Hospital.

Deep Springs seeks to alleviate poverty, illness and unemployment through an integrated and sustainable safe-water program.

Operation Blessing provides strategic disaster relief, medical aid, hunger relief, clean water and community development around the world; and St Damien Hospital is a free pediatric hospital in Haiti.

The equipment donated to St Damien will help provide clean water and will be used for general disinfection of surfaces at the hospital.

The clean drinking water may also be used to benefit St Damien’s supporting programs, including 24 primary schools and two orphanages in Haiti.

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