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Severn Trent Services has introduced five drinking water treatment solutions for the removal of arsenic, iron and manganese, nitrate, fluoride, as well as for pH adjustment.

Severn Trent’s expanded inorganic product line now includes the Sorb 33 arsenic removal system featuring Bayoxide E33 media.

The Sorb 33 process is said to have been proven to effectively and economically meet arsenic levels of less than 10ppb across a wide range of water treatment applications.

The Bayoxide media offers a low capital cost and consistent performance while providing ease of operation and maintenance, said Severn Trent.

The Sorb 09 fluoride removal system process features a small footprint.

Its design and automation features are intended to offer improved operation efficiencies compared to conventional activated alumina adsorption systems.

The system is a regenerative process that utilises a weak caustic soda solution to remove fluoride from a solid activated alumina surface, extending the treatment life of the media.

The Sorb 07 nitrate removal system is an ion exchange process that features a small footprint and brine reduction compared to conventional ion exchange systems.

The system typically includes at least two exchange vessels in parallel operation.

Treatment bypass and blending are included in the design to minimise operating costs.

Coupled with process monitoring and controls, the resin bed’s ion exchange capacity is greater than that of conventional processes.

The Omni-Sorb iron/manganese removal system is a cost-effective solution that is claimed to reduce operational and maintenance expenses.

The Omni-Sorb granular filter media is an engineered product using refined manganese that has high catalytic activity for oxidation and adsorption of iron and manganese.

These catalytic properties allow the media to be efficiently used without the addition of potassium permanganate, a strong oxidant required for iron and manganese removal with greensand and other media.

The TetrapHix CO2 addition system is suitable for use in drinking water applications requiring the control of pH.

The system offers increased gas efficiency, low maintenance and a smaller footprint compared to conventional carbon dioxide pH adjustment systems.

The system can be integrated into existing systems and controls, resulting in a simple and economical installation in new, existing or retrofitted water treatment facilities.

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