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Severn Trent Services is to supply filtration technology to Thames Water Utilities for the removal of tertiary ammonia down to 2mg per litre at its Standon Sewage Treatment Works.

The company’s Tetra nitrifying submerged aerated filter (NSAF) will be supplied in a glass-coated steel tank designed for an average flow of 900m3 per day and will be constructed on site in February 2011.

Severn Trent Services has previously supplied the Tetra NSAF technology to Thames Water Utilities; in 2006 and 2007, contracts for three installations were awarded for the Waddesdon, Culworth and Byfield wastewater facilities as extensions to the existing works for tertiary nitrification to meet ammonia standards.

An additional seven Tetra NSAF installations have since been completed for Thames Water Utilities.

The up-flow, fixed-film biological process is said to be extremely flexible and is available in a range of sizes – from small modular units suitable for above- or below-ground construction to custom-made configurations for large plants.

It can be combined with various solids-removal processes or it can enable direct discharge of the effluent depending on individual site circumstances.

Mick Pichur, capital delivery engineer at Thames Water Utilities, said: ‘Ammonia removal technology was needed at Standon to cope with increasing demand on the works.

‘Because of our experience with the Tetra NSAF process at other Thames Water sewage treatment works, we had confidence in the technology to meet the consent limits at the Standon facility,’ he added.

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