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The first step in buying or selling used machinery, industrial facilities and vehicles is to know the real market value, the life expectancy and the remaining durability of the equipment.

For a buyer, the second step is to ensure that the used machinery complies with the directives and standards required in the country in which the equipment will be reinstalled.

SGS, as an independent third party, offers a full service portfolio covering all aspects involving pre-owned machinery and industrial plants.

The analysis regarding the nominal value of the equipment or facility carried out by an independent company is designed to provide confidence in the purchase decision.

SGS services does not only include appraisals, the company can also make sure that equipment complies with the required directives and standards in the country of reinstallation.

With the worldwide network of SGS inspectors and laboratories, inspections and tests can be carried out for any country before purchasing the equipment.

SGS can help meet legal requirements for periodic inspections worldwide, covering international standards and local statutory requirements.

SGS services for used machinery can include the following steps according to needs and target markets: appraising the current condition and life expectancy of the machine/facility/equipment; visual controls and witness testing; control of the technical documentation according to machinery directives and standards required by the authorities in the country of reinstallation; determining the machine’s nominal value and the future value progression; and inspections based on individual scopes and requests.

SGS SA – Industrial Services

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