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SGS conducts Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT) of risers for Chevron Nigeria.

This inspection method can be applied for critical pipe work, risers under clamps, insulated or buried pipes while in operation.

Chevron was having specific problems with risers due to corrosion and was looking for ways to inspect the risers without closing the whole field.

SGS’ Long Range Ultrasonic Testing does not require removing clamps and can be applied for pipes in operation.

Long Range Ultrasonic Testing, also known as Guided Wave Technology, is a non-destructive testing (NDT) method for evaluating insulated pipes, cased sections, road crossings, compressor station piping, buried pipelines, tank dike piping and piping systems that are difficult to access.

The Guided Wave Technology screens 100 per cent of the volume of the piping inspected.

A typical application of LRUT is the detection of corrosion and metal loss in pipes and pipelines.

LRUT uses guided ultrasonic waves that can travel many meters with minimal attenuation and offers the potential of testing large areas from a single point using a pulse-echo transducer bracelet wrapped around the pipe.

SGS is now monitoring all critical pipe work offshore, underground pipe work as well as road crossings in the Chevron terminal.

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