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SGS Asset Integrity Management (AIM) Competence Center experts presented five papers at the 2009 American Petroleum Institute (API) Inspector Summit.

SGS said its papers convinced attendees about the expertise of the AIM Competence Center at summit, which tool place on 27-30 January 2009 in Texas, US.

The API holds an Inspector Summit every two years in Galveston, Texas, providing a platform for inspectors to learn about new and existing industry codes and standards, to hear about emerging trends from experts, and to discuss new issues.

SGS was pleased to take an active part in the four-day summit and presented five papers on a variety of topics.

In an introductory session on coatings and linings, Billy Musgrave, and SGS expert, presented a general overview of how coatings and linings are selected and applied, typical problems discovered upon inspection, and how to remediate the observed problems in order to maintain the durability of capital goods in industrial plants.

SGS offers coating failure as part of its AIM programme.

SGS Industrial Services also presented some basic techniques used in performing positive material identification (PMI).

With this non-destructive testing (NDT) method, the alloy composition of materials can be determined.

The improvement of PMI data analysing, in light of the operating parameters and goals, affects the reliability of the data collected and can reduce the cost of remediating discovered discrepancies.

As a result of mechanical integrity inspection on a modern major process plant, massive quantities of data are collected.

SGS Mechanical Integrity Management Systems (MIMS) services focus on effective management, tracking and utilising this data effectively to enable clients to easily manage inspections, prioritise the findings, and plan the resulting maintenance.

Paul Schubert presented a paper on SGS’s MIMS solutions.

Under the title ‘The Role of Inspection in Capital Projects: Optimising Cost and Performance by Getting It Right from the Start’, the SGS AIM principle was discussed.

It holds that establishing and implementing AIM procedures during capital projects improves the cost-effectiveness of the inspection programme, increases the reliability of subsequent inspections, and is required for compliance with US government Process Safety Management regulations.

The last topic presented by SGS at the summit was the career path available for API-certified inspectors.

Having served as a technician, contract inspector, owner-operator’s inspector, owner of an inspection business, and inspection programme manager, SGS expert Bob Brewer shared his insights into the positives and negatives of all of these roles, and how to be effective in any of them.

In addition to the formal papers, SGS sponsored the opening day luncheon.

During the luncheon, the brief SGS speech emphasised the critical role that the inspector fills in protecting the health and safety of both the public and plant personnel and expressed appreciation to the assembled inspectors for their commitment.

SGS SA – Industrial Services

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