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SGS Colombia SA has performed storage tank inspections for the expansion of the Cartagena Refinery.

SGS was responsible for the inspection of floating-roof and conical-roof tanks with sizes between 20,000 and 130,000 barrels.

In terms of the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services for storage tanks, the inspection carried out by SGS Colombia included the evaluation of tank bottoms and roofs, as well as tank shells.

For the inspection of tank bottoms and roofs, SGS inspectors used Ultrasonic Testing (UT) methods, such as B Scan and C Scan, in order to detect corrosion.

B Scan provides a cross-sectional image of the material and detects material thinning that is caused by corrosion in the inside of tank walls.

The C Scan is able to make cross-sectional images and identify failures of items located underground.

For the assessment of the wall thickness of tank shells, SGS used an ultrasonic crawler, a tool designed to take ultrasound thickness measurements on above-ground ferromagnetic structures, without the need for scaffolding or industrial rope access.

The SGS inspection services were carried out in accordance with applicable health, safety and environment requirements, as well as to the API 653 Programme.

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