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SGS has performed Technical Due Diligence tasks for Sky Power’s manufacture of the Fuhrlander 1.5MW wind turbine in Canada.

The team of experts was responsible for the feasibility and timeline of the project, review of the management and engineering capability, fatal-flaw analysis and due diligence for all suppliers and supplier agreements.

The Technical Due Diligence process was carried out in three sequenced steps.

First SGS’s wind-energy technology experts carried out a design basis and wind-turbine evaluation, reviewing the design basis and certification status which was carried out at AMSC Windtec.

All required documents were made available and the findings were reported by the SGS experts.

Second was the contract and specifications review, during which SGS examined the capabilities of AAER Wind Energy, the Canadian wind turbine manufacturer, to manufacture the wind turbines.

The contracts, warranties and acceptance and reliability agreements of each supplier were also evaluated.

In this case, special focus was put on the Fuhrlander turbine specifications and their applicability to operate in the Canadian climate.

In the last phase, a process quality audit of each supplier was performed.

These audits were carried out in Germany, Poland, Austria and Canada.

The main focus of the audits was the verification of the quality plan, the flow-process chart, the documentation used for manufacturing and assembly, and the internal work instructions and training.

Upon conclusion of each phase, SGS reported on the outcome of the Technical Due Diligence process to Sky Power.

The final result was summarised in a risk-assessment matrix and an action list, enabling Sky Power to plan further steps in negotiation with AAER.

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