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SGS has announced plans to open its Wind Energy Technology Center (WETC) – a blade testing facility for blades up to 70m length in Tianjin, China – by the middle of 2010.

In a presentation, Marcel Poodt, SGS lead engineer for the WETC, introduced the Wind Energy Services of SGS to participants of the China Wind Power Conference 2009.

He also discussed the different blade-testing possibilities and methods that SGS offers.

As blade failures can have severe impacts on safety, turbine downtime and public exposure, a thorough validation of the blades through full-scale testing is indispensable.

The SGS WETC will provide a range of full-scale blade-testing services.

The testing centre is equipped with technology for load application and blade measurements.

It can perform static and fatigue tests for: certification testing according to IEC 61400-23; blade-design validation; manufacturing quality testing; and validation of repairs and design changes.

Besides full-scale testing, WETC offers testing of material coupons and non-destructive testing (NDT) methods for rotor blades.

At China Wind Power Conference 2009, SGS displayed a scale model of the WETC, visualising the static and fatigue test principle on a 1.5m blade.

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