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SGS has been awarded the contract to provide independent project management and technical construction supervision for part of the European transit corridor network of motorways in the Czech Republic.

The Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic (RSD) awarded Pragoprojekt and SGS the contract for the construction of the new segment of the Dalnice D3 motorway.

The 25km-long segment will be completed by 2012.

Once built, the D3 motorway will become part of the European transit corridor network, specifically the E55 international road, which leads from Scandinavia to Greece through Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Italy.

Throughout road construction projects, contractors and investors are dealing with many different concerns.

The project has to stay on schedule, within the projected budget and quality has to be assured.

Pragoprojekt and SGS associated project management services and professional supervision of construction works are a prerequisite for the successful implementation of a project and to minimise risk.

SGS has specialised human resources and control procedures as well as the technical capacity that allows covering the specific necessities of the different steps in the review, verification, inspection, testing and approval for all phases in each project.

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