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SGS SA – Industrial Services offers Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management services to building commissioners, main contractors and construction companies.

On the shop floor or construction site, employees have to work together, be they staff or sub-contractor personnel.

All these people use various materials and equipment, which must be classified as safe.

All danger zones must be indicated and there must be sufficient protection against hazards, such as falling objects.

An accident may have disastrous consequences to employees, bystanders and ultimately, the organisation.

Assuring safety requires expertise, personnel and time.

SGS can coordinate all health and safety aspects of a construction project to protect workers onsite.

The company’s safety experts can also draw up health and safety plans and verify any existing or proposed plans.

As an SGS client for HSE Management, a business can be sure that its activities comply with all relevant regulations and requirements, and that workers’ safety and health is protected and accident risks are decreased.

Safety experts will provide recommendations for future safety maintenance.

SGS also offers a broad range of relevant safety training courses.

With the acquired knowledge, employees can then take care of safety aspects in a practical and efficient way and can proactively respond to the ever-changing environment.

SGS SA – Industrial Services

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