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SGS has been awarded a technical assistance contract by the the local government of Catalonia, working through Gestio d’Infraestructures, to review and verify the designs of its public buildings.

To be sure that a building fulfils all applicable regulatory and client-specific requirements, it is essential to ensure in the early stages that the design is in accordance with industry standards and meets given requirements for operational, safety and environmental performance.

Gestio d’Infraestructures is a company working as a government unit managing infrastructure for the local government of Catalonia in Spain.

It selected SGS Industrial Services for the technical assistance contract.

The verification of public construction projects is vital in the design phase, particularly when such public buildings include schools, health centres, police stations, public housing, courts, hospitals and prisons.

SGS is to begin work on the two-year project in January 2011 and will ensure the compliance of the design of public buildings with both local and Gestio d’Infraestructures standards and requirements.

The company will be auditing and monitoring the quality of Gestio d’Infraestructures’ public construction works in the design phase.

This will involve a review of all specifications, documentation, budget and drawings.

SGS will oversee building projects up until construction begins, carrying out a full design verification.

With an appropriate scheme, design verification by SGS provides confidence that the buildings are designed to the required standards, criteria and legislation with regards to material selection, as well as ensuring that the design and safety levels follow a structured development process.

SGS will also verify the design of energy efficient installations, structures and foundations involved in the design of the Spanish public buildings, as well as assessing the environmental and acoustic impact.

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