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SGS Industrial Services has been selected by Conocophillips as the sole inspection company for the Magnolia platform and additional sites on the Gulf Coast.

Offshore platforms operate in a harsh environment and are subjected to a variety of cyclic loads due to wind and waves.

This can, in some cases, lead to degradation due to fatigue.

Moreover, undetected or underestimated corrosion, pitting and material brittleness may occur in oil and gas production facilities and cause risky situations that could affect safety as well as productivity.

To ensure the reliability of offshore operations, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the installations and facilities.

To achieve this, comprehensive inspections need to be carried out by an experienced and professional inspection company.

At the beginning of 2009, Conocophillips awarded SGS Industrial Services with the contract for inspection services on the Magnolia Platform in order to satisfy jurisdictional inspection requirements mandated by the US Coast Guard.

Conocophillips’s deepwater Magnolia Platform reaches 1,432m in water depth and consists of four circular columns joined at the bottom by rectangular pontoons.

SGS Industrial Services provides asset integrity management services for Conocophillips’s Magnolia platform in order to maintain its assets in a fit-for-service condition and to ensure reliable and safe operations.

The complete inspection project by SGS includes services such as inspection planning, onsite inspection on the platform as well as post-inspection data management and equipment reliability recommendations.

In addition to this, an SGS field drafting team draws up missing piping circuits.

For the inspection of tanks, pressure vessels and piping, SGS utilises non-destructive testing techniques such as visual inspection, ultrasonic testing, and automated ultrasonic testing.

Furthermore, SGS uses a fibre optic borescope, which allows personnel to look at areas that are hard to reach or too small and difficult to view, such as pipes.

The inspection project is ongoing and will incorporate several more inspection phases.

The next phase is scheduled to begin in September 2009, with a field crew to return to the platform.

In addition, Conocophillips wants SGS to provide high-end bundled services such as digital radiography.

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