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SGS has supported RWE with Owner’s Representative Services in establishing its first wind farm in Poland, consisting of 18 wind turbines.

SGS Poland has been providing project developers with Owner’s Representative Services for many years.

This is also known as contract engineering during the construction of new power plants or for the modernisation of existing ones.

SGS acts as an independent advisor in this role, to ensure that all members of the project team work towards a common goal.

With an in-depth understanding of the power generation sector, SGS now offers investors Owner’s Representative Services during wind farm development.

This is now recognised as a dynamically progressing technology in electric power production.

The range of services covers both support during the pre-construction and the construction phases, from verification of the initial design plans to the supervision of a trial run and commissioning.

RWE Innogy awarded SGS Poland the contract to assume the Owner’s Representative role during the construction of its first wind farm in Poland.

The wind farm is located at a site in Suwalki, in the north-eastern part of Poland.

It consists of 18 wind turbines of type SWT-2.3-93, supplied by Siemens Wind Power, each with a capacity of 2.3MW.

The wind farm will generate about 80,000MWh annually.

Due to the poor local road infrastructure, it was necessary to build approximately 10km of new roads and modernise more than 20km of existing ones.

For this reason, the SGS team also included an expert in roads.

Road construction began in July 2008.

The fact that Suwalki is situated in the coldest part of Poland, where winter lasts from December to April, resulted in tight time schedule.

All of the 18 foundations had to be ready before the onset of winter, as such construction work is impossible to carry out at low temperatures.

The final wind turbine foundation was completed by early December 2008.

The first turbine components were delivered by Siemens on 27 March 2009 and assembly started on 15 April 2009.

SGS opened an on-site office and appointed engineers to supervise the construction and the project was lead from the SGS office in Warsaw.

The SGS team consisted of a site manager, two civil engineers, a road expert, an electrical engineer and a quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) expert, as well as a safety officer.

The SGS inspectors worked in a close collaboration with the RWE Innogy project management.

Continuous quality supervision during production is essential to avoid future operational failures due to poor material quality, the wrong choice of materials or to welding faults.

Therefore, SGS was asked to provide additional inspection of the wind turbine components.

This included the QA inspection of nacelles, towers, hubs and blades at the manufacturers’ workshops in Denmark.

SGS Wind Energy Services provides independent certification and inspection designed to secure the quality of both offshore and onshore wind farms.

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