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As a recognised National Certification Body (NCB), SGS can assist retailers to rapidly bring electronic products to market by supporting their entire product-development processes.

By gaining CB Test Certificates from a relevant National Certification Body, as administered under the IECEE Certification Bodies (CB) scheme, a range of electronic products can rapidly be brought by retailers to multiple markets.

Product certifications guard against the possibility that, in the absence of certifications, retailers will be presented by manufacturers with ‘golden samples’ whose quality is not matched by subsequently shipped products.

They provide a tool for regulators and retailers to verify manufacturers’ safety claims.

The presence of appropriate certification provides the retailer with a credible guarantee that a product’s manufacturing has been monitored via routine factory inspections, ensuring compliance with relevant standards.

Market-specific certifications demonstrate to retailers that products meet the specific standards criteria in their retail market.

National certifications such as the Chinese CCC or Russian Gost-R marks are effective within their specific markets, but country-specific marking limits the ability of retailers to rapidly introduce the same products into other markets.

The limitations of national systems can be overcome through the provision of a market access plan in each nation via a National Certification body (NCB).

Using such a scheme, electronic products stand a higher chance of gaining entry to multiple markets, without requiring re-certification in each market.

Manufacturers can ensure that their products are compliant with relevant IEC standards by working with recognised and established third-party NCB organisations.

An NCB undertaking such work will issue CB test reports.

These reports enable rapid access to the markets of more than 40 CB Scheme member countries, as well as adding value and prestige to products evenin non-CB Scheme member countries.

Such reports can also function as tools for retailers who seek assurance that the products they carry meet the standards of a range of their markets.

By requiring provision of CB test reports, these retailers can clearly communicate their safety and quality expectations to manufacturers.

SGS can assist retailers and suppliers to ensure that their electronic products qualify to enter markets across the globe.

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