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Alignment Supplies has launched the newest Easy-Laser product – the E710 shaft alignment system, which offers wireless Bluetooth operation, crisp colour graphics and Endurio Power Management.

The E710’s integrated battery automatically charges itself from four ordinary C cell batteries and ensures that users never have to stop an alignment because of exhausted battery power.

The system also features Live Any Angle 360deg alignment, meaning users can make adjustments to their alignment with the laser heads in any position and still get live updated values.

The E710 can be purchased with a barcode scanner accessory, which enables users to instantly recover all previously entered data and dimensions for the machine upon scanning a barcode.

The machine also enables users to develop and save their own custom user profiles and offers a comprehensive set of data storage and documentation options.

These options include transferring the files to PC with the free Easylink software, or saving to a USB flash drive or as a PDF report saved in the system memory.

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