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RBD Computer Technology Company in Shanghai has adopted Virtalis’s 3D technology, following a recent visit by two senior executives from the Chinese company.

RBD was first attracted to the technology because the company’s software applies Virtalis clustering technology to PTC’s new Division Mockup 64 bit and is known as the Visionary Cluster.

Jacky Zheng, RBD’s sales and marketing manager, said: ’Initially, it was its Visionary Cluster that came to our notice and we have already put this solution into six big contract bids with top shipbuilding, automotive and aerospace companies, as well as a couple of academic institutions.’ Virtalis’s technology enables the loading of large amounts of data.

Computer-aided-design (CAD) models can now be loaded in one go and rendered and flown in real time, while still using standard PC architecture.

The Virtalis system duplicates most of the functionality of Mockup 64, creating a seamless integration between Mockup and the cluster.

The solution is also infinitely scalable, with three PCs – or as many as are required – capable of running both large-scale, projected environments and a headset-wearing, fully tracked individual either singularly or simultaneously exploring the same model.

Virtalis has also developed a portfolio of software drivers for the Virtual Reality peripheral devices (including Intersense, Polhemus and Cyberglove) to be used with Mockup in immersive virtual environments.

David Cockburn-Price, Virtalis’s managing director, said: ’RBD’s visit allowed us to train its technical team to provide integration, installation and first-line support for the Visionary Cluster in China.’

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