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Sharplex filter-elements in their Auto Backwash Filters guarantee an even flow, resulting in a low pressure drop and equal loading of the filter area.

The water to be filtered enters into the filter and flows through the slotted tube elements from inside to outside.

Impurities or sediment particles are retained on the smooth inner side of the filter-elements.

As the loading of the filter area increases during filtration, so does the differential pressure between the contaminated and the clean sides of the filter element.

When the differential pressure reaches its pre-set values, the back-flushing process starts automatically.

During back-flushing, a geared motor rotates the flushing arm under each filter element in succession and the back-flushing valve briefly opens.

A pressure differential between the filtrate side (clean water) causes a small volume of the filtrate to be flushed back through the filter elements.

This also opens a back-flushing line.

A flushing arm loosens and flushes out any sediment collected on the side of the filter.

When all elements in the filter have been cleaned, the back-flushing cycle is complete.

When one filter element is under back-flushing, other elements continue the filtration, making the filtration process continuous.

The Auto Backwash Filter can be used in: power stations, for treating industrial water for cooling generators and filtering cooling water; the process industry, for filtration of cooling water to protect the surface of heat exchangers and other equipment from coating and to improve the heat exchanger capacity.

It can also be used in sewage treatment plants during production of industrial water, to filter take-off of the clear run to save drinking or well water; and in environmental technology, where back-flushing filters before wastewater treatment can extend the life of cartridge filter elements by several months.

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