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Shear-Form Machine Tools will be exhibiting an ACF Corner Former and a Haeger insertion press at Mach 2010 in Birmingham on 7-11 June.

From Haeger, the latest 824 Windowtouch-3 insertion press with a Multi-Shuttle single tooling platform is being exhibited.

The tooling platform is designed for standard and made-to-order tooling, providing a quick and easy solution to toll changeover between nuts, studs and stand-offs, enabling the user to make changeovers in around 2min without the need for realignment.

Also on show is an ACF ‘Multiflex’ Cornerformer, which is specifically designed to form corners on electrical cabinet doors, computer casings, trays, lids, oven doors, furniture, suitcase covers, cladding, bottom pans for humidifiers and traffic signs.

Its tooling design gives the operator flexibility in individual door fabrication, regardless of the material being used, the thickness of the material or the flange height of the door and there is no panel or door size limitation.

Multiflex is designed for small and large workshops and produces a high-quality and consistent product, eliminating the need for welding and finishing work such as grinding.

It can form four closed corners of a single zinc-coated mild-steel door in around 60sec.

There will also be a graphic display and information on the complete range of coil-processing equipment from Dimeco Alipresse, including the programmable ‘Flexipunch’.

This will be equipped with Simo-Star Microfeed servo-drive feeder for multi-axis control of the tooling and PFS (Press Feeding System) for automatic line-speed regulation for optimum press synchronisation.

This enables different components to be manufactured from one coil, without the need to stop the line to change tooling or programs.

Information will also be available on Dimeco’s latest Ecodrive-2 roll feeder, part of a servo-drive package for roll feeders.

It has been designed for companies wishing to automate existing press equipment and wanting the advantages of a servo-roll feeder for the cost of an air-feed drive.

Ecodrive-2 roll feeders are able to operate at maximum 300strokes/min for coil strips ranging from 0.1 to 6mm thick and in widths up to 1,020mm wide.

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