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Shell Lubricants has announced changes to its Rimula range of heavy-duty diesel engine oils for the mining sector.

Designed to provide an enhanced performance, the range has been re-structured to make it easier for users to select the right oil for their operation.

The Shell Rimula Energised Protection range features oil technology designed to adapt to the changing needs of the engine.

Based around six performance tiers, from the reliable Rimula R1 through to the added-value synthetic technology products in the Rimula R6 tier, the latest range offers customers a clearly defined set of performance features and benefits.

‘The Energised Protection offered by Shell Rimula provides a high-standard of lubrication required by mine operators in the critical areas that threaten engines most,’ said Tom Crockford, global mining sector marketing manager for Shell Lubricants.

Containing powerful neutralising agents, the Shell Energised Protection range aims to protect the engine from attack from acids formed when diesel burns.

If these are not neutralised, they will remain in the oil and can lead to engine corrosion, which can cause an engine to fail, halting production and costing the operator heavily.

The build-up of excessive piston deposits can cause ring sticking and abrasion, and cylinder wear, which can shorten engine life and increase oil consumption.

The active molecules contained in the Shell Rimula range block or carry away the particles that can cause these deposits.

Premature engine failure and the creation of ‘hot spots’ is caused by the rubbing of metal surfaces; a key role of a lubricant is to ensure that moving metal surfaces are kept separated.

The Shell Rimula Energised Protection oils contain molecules designed to transform into protective films to keep metal surfaces apart, and ultimately preventing engine wear.

The Shell Rimula range has approvals from companies such as Caterpillar, Cummins, Deutz and MTU.

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