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Shell Lubricants has launched four lubrication services to help improve an organisation’s performance and reduce operational downtime.

The four services, Shell Lubeadvisor, Shell Lubeanalyst, Shell Lubecoach and Shell Lubematch, are available internationally and have been developed to enable organisations to take a proactive approach to lubrication management.

Shell Lubeadvisor offers customers engineering, technical and application advice through various tools and support channels.

Along with online support tools and technical help desks that are on hand to assist with trouble shooting, product recommendations, storage and handling advice, Shell’s field-based lubrication engineers are available to visit customer sites and carry out surveys and plant assessments.

From this analysis, Shell experts can recommend a tailored lubrication programme to help ensure that the right Shell oil is in the right place at the right time, helping to reduce downtime and replacement components.

Shell Lubeanalyst is a specialised oil and equipment condition monitoring service that allows operators to take a proactive approach to lubrication and equipment management.

Oil samples can be taken on a regular basis and sent to one of Shell’s accredited laboratories where the samples are tested and the results analysed using Shell’s expert systems and diagnostic tools.

A comprehensive report is then issued to the customer giving a traffic light indication of an application’s condition including recommendations for operators to tackle potential problems before costly unscheduled downtime occurs.

With the help of Shell Lubematch, a free online tool enabling organisations to match the most appropriate Shell product to certain applications, customers can check whether they are using the correct Shell lubrication package for certain specific pieces of machinery.

By selecting the type of application and model, Shell Lubematch will give operators instant advice on the most appropriate Shell lubricant to use in such an application.

This service is available in over 94 countries and 19 languages.

Shell Lubecoach has been designed to give operators the knowledge and expertise to deliver the benefits of a well-designed lubrication plan.

It offers a set of modular training packages ranging from an introduction to machinery lubrication and product handling and storage, through to more complex sessions on lubrication of specific equipment types.

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