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Willtek Communications has announced the 4933 RF Shield, supporting radiation and quality measurements at large radio transceivers, notebook PCs and other electronic equipment.

It combines a high shielding factor with easy access to the unit under test.

The 4933 RF Shield attenuates signals from outside or inside by a high degree.

The attenuation, in conjunction with the RF connector, enables radio-frequency and quality engineers to measure the radiation of the device under test in an EMC prequalification test, without the need to rent a large anechoic shielded chamber.

Other applications include transceiver tests in a controlled environment.

Tom Riedl, product manager at Willtek, said: ‘The 4933 RF Shield is the result of our experience with smaller shielding devices for the mobile phone market and also of our market research on shielded chambers for other applications such as radio meters, notebook PCs and bulkier devices.

‘Based on our good reputation in the cellular business, we have been asked to design something larger that overcomes the disadvantages of existing offerings.’

Willtek’s 4933 RF Shield comes with a solenoid lock and a control panel displaying the status of the lock.

Due to a USB interface, an external PC can read the status and release the lock remotely.

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