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Belden Shielded Systems protect against EMI and RF interferences with maximum shielding performance and are suited for high-noise environments, including offices and hospitals.

Prior to introducing the systems, Belden conducted extensive internal testing procedures at frequencies of up to 250MHz, covering over 100 different cabling configurations, including short links, long links, worst cases and demanding four connector channel configurations.

All transmission parameters were tested, including attenuation, NEXT, FEXT and Return Loss.

The systems have been externally verified in channel and link configurations by Delta laboratories in Denmark.

At the heart of the Belden Shielded Solutions is the Keyconnect shielded tool-less modular jack, which helps to reduce installation time and provides shielding without compromising the size and ease of use of the UTP connector.

The modular jack comes with a termination cap to prevent the untwisting of the pairs, to endure the integrity of the transmission performance.

Other components of the system include: Belden Category 6 and 5 e cables, ideal for networks where noise and interference is high; modular cords and pigtails for optimum electrical performance at component level; and 24 or 48 port Keyconnect Shielded Patch Panels for horizontal distribution or equipment terminations in data centres and telecommunications rooms, as well as other high-noise environments.

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