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Shimadzu has released the TMP-X series of compact turbo molecular pumps (TMPs) with integrated power supplies, which is intended to help reduce costs and downsize the footprint of manufacturing flat-panel displays and semiconductor devices.

TMPs produce a vacuum due to the high-speed rotation of turbines that enables vacuum pumping at the molecular flow level. According to the company, TMPs are essential components for the manufacture of semiconductors and flat-panel displays where oil-free, clean, high vacuums are essential.

The pumps in the TMP-X series are claimed to be extremely versatile and compact and also include integrated power supplies, making them suitable for both light and hard processes. However, the TMP-X series, which provides pumping speeds from 300 litres per second to 4,000 litres per second, has been specifically designed for pumping corrosive gases used in etching equipment.

Key benefits

  • The integrated power supplies enable a reduction in the number of parts for manufacturing equipment, leading to reductions in costs. The integration also achieves a 15 per cent reduction in the height of the new pump while maintaining pumping performance.
  • Pumps in the TMP-X series do not require racks and cables — as is the case in conventional separate-power-supply TMPs — so this series offers a greater degree of freedom in the design of low-cost, small-footprint manufacturing equipment.
  • Incorporating a pump temperature control function and improving the motor power output have enabled the use of the TMP-X series of pumps for manufacturing processes involving high gas flow rates and reactive gases.
  • Anti-corrosive coating and dynamic seals in the pumps prevent erosion of the TMP and ensure high reliability even for hard processes employing highly corrosive gases.
  • According to the company, the use of a newly developed power unit and high-efficiency motor has enabled a 15 per cent reduction (under conditions of zero load) in the power consumption compared with conventional TMPs. This series of TMP has a low load impact on the environment.

Shimadzu has been providing materials testing machines since 1917. Our extensive, high-quality range enables tensile testing, universal testing, fatigue testing, endurance testing and hardness testing as well as particle size analysis. With a large choice of static frames and hydraulic frames, accessories include beautifully engineered strain gauges, clip-on extenseometers, video extenseometers, thermal chambers and grips, and class-leading load cells.

Shimadzu's testing and inspection machines can address your compression, displacement, force, load, impact, strain, stress and tensile testing requirements in the following consumer and industrial applications: aerospace; apparel; asphalt; automotive; biomaterials; biomedical; building and construction; ceramics; components; composites; concrete; electronics; fasteners; films; foam; food; glass; healthcare; medical; metals; packaging; paper; plastics; polymers; rail; rock; rubbers; shipbuilding; shoes; textiles; trucks; and wood.

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