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Italian manufacturer IEMCA has improved the performance of its KID 80 short bar magazine to keep pace with the higher functionality of modern CNC turning centres. Availability in the UK and Ireland is through 1st Machine Tool Accessories.

The magazine is suitable for feeding stock between 5 and 80mm in diameter and from 250 to 1,615mm long. It integrates with fixed or sliding-head CNC turning machines and is also suitable for feeding cam-operated lathes. Pre-existing attributes are simplicity of use, precise mechanical bar location and no compressed air connections. It is fast in operation, and suitable for short to medium batch runs.

A notable design improvement avoids the need for the bar pusher to move during component transfer between the main and sub spindles. Most short magazines have to check the position of the material in the spindle during transfer, so the lathe has to decelerate the spindle, increasing non-cutting time. Productivity is therefore higher with the KID 80 IV during single-hit machining of components requiring two operations, one at each end.

A further innovation is the ability to load a new bar while the last part is being machined, reducing changeover time, and it is possible to feed into position without a bar stop. A new quick-change connection system eliminates the need to use tools when changing the bar pusher, reducing set-up times even further.

Other new features of the KID 80 IV include an increase in rack capacity from 250 to 400kg,  extending production output during unattended running. The software in the Siemens control has also been improved and a 7in touch screen fitted for ease of setting and operation.

1st Machine Tool Accessories

1st Machine Tool Accessories Ltd specialises in high quality workholding equipment and associated products from the world’s leading producers.

1st Machine Tool Accessories Ltd specialises in high quality workholding equipment and associated products from the world’s leading producers.

1st MTA:

·         provides technical assistance via trained representatives including site visits and demonstrations where possible;

·         is constantly expanding and updating the product range to give customers the best possible choice;

·         offers bespoke/customised solutions;

·         provides the easiest and most efficient way to order all your machine tools and accessories by phone, fax or on-line.

The product range includes:

·         Kitagawa:

o   Chucks: power, collet, manual, speciality and all accessories.

o   Cylinders: hydraulic and pneumatic.

o   NC Rotary Tables.

o   Vises: precision machine.

·         Fixturing and Clamping Parts.

·         Collets:

o   Varibore,

o   Spring,

o   Emergency

o   Pull back.

·         Chick Workholding: the leader in modern workholding for modern CNC machines.

·         Brighetti Reduction Bushes:

o   Slotted

o   Cylindrical

o   Conical

o   Elastic

o   Fixed by dowels.

·         OK Vise: low-profile clamping.

·         Mitee Bite: versatile, cost-effective clamping – fast and easy operation.

·         Cooljet High Pressure Coolant.

·         Magnetic Filtration

·         Bison:

o   Chucks: manual and power;

o   Hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders;

o   Precision machine and bench vises;

o   Rotary tables and indexing fixtures

·         Abbott Workholding:

o   Pie jaws;

o   Tooling columns.

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