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The University of Greenwich’s Wolfson Centre courses on particulate handling technology and the pneumatic conveying of bulk materials are suitable for engineers, managers, skilled operatives, maintenance crew, equipment manufacturers and those working with powders and particulates.

The two courses will take place at the Wolfson Centre in Chatham, Kent during November.

The ’Overview of Particulate Handling Technology’ will feature topics such as materials handling, characterisation of materials, transportation techniques, instrumentation and control, bulk property measurement and big bag emptying.

’Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials’ includes information on the components of conveying systems, design techniques, operational problems and their impact on system design, operation and control of blow tanks, interfacing storage bins to conveying systems, explosion hazards and system selection and operation.

Key product features

  • A basic technical education and/or experience in industry is recommended.
  • Numbers at the seminars are limited so that delegates can discuss their individual needs and problems.
  • Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials costs £680 and runs from 22–23 November.
  • Overview of Particulate Handling Technology costs £680 for two days (1–2 November) or £1,055 for three days (1–3 November).
  • The three days option includes a practical session, which features the opportunity to test your own materials (if you do not have any, some can be provided), learn different methods of characterising materials and receive advice and recommendations on your results.
  • If you choose to attend the practical session, you will be contacted in advance to determine your needs. If you do not have a specific problem, let them know what it is you would like to gain from attending.


Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology

'Providing cost-effective solutions to industrial problems'

The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology is part of the School of Engineering at the University of Greenwich at Medway, Kent, and has specialised in solving materials-handling problems since 1973.

The Wolfson Centre is continually improving the understanding of the behaviour of particulates in handling and storage systems and can offer consultancy services to industry in the fields of:

  • Hoppers and silos
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Product feeders
  • Product quality (segregation, attrition and caking)
  • Environmental and transport effects
  • Dosing and dispensing
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Abrasion and wear
  • Overall system design and integration
  • Sampling
  • Dust prevention and control
  • Packaging
  • Processing of powders and bulk solids  

Industries served include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and drink
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Renewable energy
  • Recycling
  • Household goods
  • Pet food
  • Grain handling and storage
  • Chemicals
  • Any other industry involved in the handling of powders or bulk solids

The Wolfson Centre also provides a comprehensive series of short courses that are delivered at the university's campus or on-site in a bespoke format.

If you have a bulk solids handling problem, don't struggle on by yourself call us.

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