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Powerstax has published its six-page MIL COTS Power Solution brochure that outlines high-efficiency power supplies for military and non-tactical, fixed and mobile communications and security systems.

The Powerstax MIL COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) power supply range includes a number of single and multi-output DC/DC converters, switching regulators, pre-regulator and hold-up modules and EMC filters.

Powerstax also offers an AC/DC active power-factor correction (PFC) module to provide front-end power conditioning for high-input voltage DC/DC modules.

Wide use of surface-mount technology in the PFC module ensures high power density and reliability.

For mains-powered applications, the Powerstax N Series of open-frame switch-mode power supplies provide efficiency of up to 92 per cent power conversion in an ultra-low 1U high and compact package making it suitable for applications using industry-standard 1U chassis.

The series includes IC communication for added functionality and monitoring, and is available in single (plus standby) and multiple-output versions.

For high-power applications, the Powerstax TVS1001 offers a 1,000W DC/DC step-up and step-down power conversion module developed for vehicle-mounted systems operating in harsh environmental conditions.

With system efficiency that is typically 86 per cent over a wide power range, output power is maximised while heat dissipation is minimised.

Powerstax offers value-added modifications to all models in their MIL range, including conformal coating, chassis and cover, fan assemblies and other special requirements as required.

Its in-house design and engineering team will design, develop and supply value-added and custom power solutions to meet customer’s needs.

Typical applications for Powerstax MIL COTS power solutions include defence, homeland security, avionics, shipboard and ground systems and mobile/vehicle mounted equipment.

Powerstax also supplies an extensive range of standard and custom AC and DC power solutions for centralised and distributed power (DPA) in a broad range of applications, including hot-swap front-end AC-DC bulk power, DC-DC converter bricks and programmable, modular rack mounted power supplies, for use in telecoms, IT, industrial, test and control, transportation, medical and all commercial markets.

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