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Wheelabrator Impact Finishers has announced the Peenplus range of architectural shot peen finishes developed especially for stainless steel but also applied to aluminium.

Engineered using a ‘shot peening’ technique, the Peenplus surface finish is created by impacting spherical particles onto the surface of material under controlled conditions.

The particles generate an even, continuous, unbroken pattern visible on the surface.

This process creates a work-hardened surface and increases the material’s resistance to antisocial behaviour and scratching.

It also potentially increases the resistance of the stainless steel to corrosion.

There is no coating applied to the surface and the finish is potentially everlasting, resulting in no environmental impact from paint product application or tatty degenerating coatings requiring expensive future maintenance.

Peenplus has been specifically developed as a shot peened finish using entirely non-ferrous shot, thereby eliminating the risk of any cross-contamination from the old steel shot methods used previously.

Impact Finishers’ shot peen finishes have already been specified on several underground refurbishment and development projects.

Wheelabrator Group, the world leader in surface preparation technology has merged with DISA Group, the biggest name in moulding and casting technology, to form the world’s leading metallic parts improvement company*. The united organisation offers over 200 years expertise and experience, employs 2200 people over 5 continents, has 5 technology centres (France, Germany, Canada, Switzerland and Denmark) and a further 5 manufacturing facilities (India, Czech Republic, China, USA and Poland).

Wheelabrator has a reputation for innovation spanning 100 years and it’s surface preparation equipment is designed to clean, strengthen and polish metallic surfaces. Wheelabrator utilises airblast, wheelblast and vibratory mass finishing technologies to deliver these benefits to customers in over 100 countries and serves such diverse industries as Aerospace, Automotive Energy, Foundry, Medical Components, Rail and Marine.

Wheelabrator Plus is the aftermarket division of Wheelabrator providing spare parts, service and services. Through its services customers are able to extend the life of existing equipment via training, maintenance and equipment modernisation programmes, deferring the need to spend money on new equipment, but still stay ahead of the game in terms of innovation, first class production efficiency, output, environmental responsibility and sustainability.

*Norican Group is the parent company of Wheelabrator and DISA.

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