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Hughes Safety Showers has launched a new range of control valves that focuses on durability, reliability and ease of operation, with stainless-steel construction to withstand harsh environments.

The new valves have been developed using 3D modelling software, to optimise every aspect of performance.

There are five sizes and a range of end connections to step up or down to different pipe sizes.

Straight or cranked actuator levers can be fitted at 45deg or 90deg to the valve body, providing a choice of operating positions for extra flexibility.

The valves have a low operating torque for easy use and comply fully with the requirements of the internationally recognised American National Standard ANSI Z 358.1 2009.

The bespoke design uses investment casting of components for enhanced quality and precision.

This is reinforced with a stainless-steel construction that will withstand harsh environments and site conditions.

In an emergency, casualties often use excessive force to activate the shower.

This transmits through the lever mechanism to the operating valve stem.

On many valves this is a weak point, resulting in instantaneous or premature failure.

The Hughes design eliminates the risk of damage by using a thicker, heavy-duty stop plate with multi-point contacts to distribute loading and withstand the roughest treatment.

The valve has been extensively tested under strictly controlled conditions.

Repeated activations on a rig specially designed by Hughes to replicate realistic working conditions, were monitored and results verified by an independent specialist testing house.

Hughes Safety Showers

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