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Siam Ringspann selected Traceparts to install an online platform in which Cad component models could be accessible to customers, in 2D as well as in 3D.

Siam Ringspann specialises in the manufacturing of safety components used in medium and high-power transmissions.

Its safety product catalogue ranges from torque limiters to couplings and connectors to control cables.

Siam was created in Paris in 1932 and integrated into the German company Ringspann in 1980, which accelerated the group’s growth.

Since the end of the 1990s, Siam Ringspann’s website has offered its range of braking systems in the form of 2D drawings.

But this service, while representing an important cost for the company, only partially satisfied its client base, within which the movement toward 3D Cad had already begun.

Francoise Pfister, chief executive officer of Siam Ringspann France, said: ‘Our meeting at a show with Trace Software opened new perspectives for us.

‘We asked Traceparts to install an online platform to access Cad component models in 2D and 3D, in the main market formats and in several languages.’ As in the origin of all long-term partnerships, there were other criteria besides technical relevance.

‘Our head office had been approached by a service provider based in Germany and was interested in using their services due to geographical proximity,’ said Pfister.

‘That company was called Web2cad.

‘Traceparts bought it in 2004 and that put an end to the discussion.

‘They provided more exposure and made the online catalogue content larger and richer.’ Three advantages are highlighted by Siam Ringspann in its partnership with Traceparts.

From a technical point of view, the manufacturer was pleased with the speed at which the first catalogues were put online.

The company was also impressed with the high level of responsiveness of Traceparts for the integration of new products, always carried out with attention to quality and reliability.

Concerning visibility, Siam appreciates the worldwide exposure.

Twice as many drawings are downloaded from the Traceparts website compared to the manufacturer’s website.

Concerning sales, Siam observed that more than 20 per cent of the downloads turned into a finalised purchase order.

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