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Siano Mobile Silicon, a global Mobile Digital TV (MDTV) chip maker, has launched a multi-standard mobile TV receiver chip, the SMS1230.

The chip supports the major global broadcast mobile-TV standards of DVB-T, T-DMB, and ISDB-T, as well as digital (DAB/+) and FM radio.

The receiver chip is the high-end member of Siano’s multi-standard MDTV receiver-chip family, which includes the SMS1150, SMS1130 and the low-cost SMS1140.

The SMS1230 is a highly-integrated, all-CMOS, single-chip receiver designed for high-end reception of mobile digital TV and radio, at low-power consumption.

It enables reception of DVB-T at speeds of 200Km/hour and in ISDB-T (deployed in Japan and Brazil) it exhibits high immunity to analogue and digital interfering signal.

It also supports digital radio – DAB and DAB+ technologies – as well as analogue FM radio.

A combination of two SMS1230 units supports antenna diversity, which further increases the reception performance.

Siano Mobile Silicon

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