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Alsi S.p.A has awarded a EUR6.5m (GBP5.8m) contract to Siba S.p.A (part of Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies) for a Biothelys thermal hydrolysis plant.

The plant will be built at the S Rocco wastewater treatment works in Monza and will be operational by June 2010.

The S Rocco plant normally treats the sewage from 690,000 people but this will increase to 750,000 when it is upgraded.

It generates about 23 tonnes a day (dry solids) of primary sludge and 20 tonnes a day of surplus activated sludge, which is currently treated by three digesters: two primary digesters of 7,000M3 and one secondary of 2,800M3.

The Biothelys plant’s single 7000M3 digester will treat 35 per cent of the primary sludge and all the secondary sludge, a total of 28 tonnes a day of dry solids.

Thermal hydrolysis solubilises organic solids, making them more biodegradable.

This helps the digester remove volatile suspended solids, which increases the biogas yield and reduces the quantity of sludge for final disposal.

It also improves the sludge quality up to a Class A type and reduces odours.

The Biogas produced from the process operates the endothermic engines, which in turn operate the air compressors that feed the air to the activated sludge reactors in the wastewater treatment line.

The majority of the sludge is dried and then burned in cement production furnaces.

The S Rocco plant will use Veolia’s Actiflo process to chemically assist sedimentation of the wastewater from the existing and new sludge thickeners.

Veolia’s Odowatch electronic nose technology will monitor odours on the site.

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