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SICK has announced that its new LiveConnect web service will be the standard for bringing live data from SICK sensors to their digital twins in the Cloud, supporting customer progress towards Industry 4.0 digitilisation.  SICK LiveConnect is an easy-to-use, real-time monitoring App that manages the routing and forwarding of live sensor data, so that it can be integrated into online dashboards and software.

With SICK LiveConnect, users will get real-time insights into their devices from the shopfloor right through to the enterprise level.  As a result, processes can become more transparent and maintenance costs can be reduced.  The live operating data will help operators to monitor production efficiency in real time and improve their Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Secure and Standardised Live Connection

Via the SICK LiveConnect Sensor App operating on an edge gateway such as the SICK SIM1012 or the TDC-E, data output from the real device is routed to the Cloud.  Customers can be assured of highly secure data communication via industry standard MQTT protocol over TLS encryption.

SICK LiveConnect will unlock a secure, standardised, and easy-to-use live data connection from each sensor to a customer’s online asset management environment in the SICK AssetHub.  Using the SICK LiveConnect online module via a standard web browser, a digital twin can be visualised in the cloud and process data from the device will be integrated into online monitoring applications.

Industry 4.0 Connectivity

“The roll-out of SICK LiveConnect is an important step in our journey to Industry 4.0 digital connectivity,” says Neil Sandhu, SICK’s UK Product Manager for Imaging, Measurement, Ranging and Systems.

“It will be really easy to connect your sensor with LiveConnect on a standard web browser via the App; all you need is the material- and part numbers for your SICK device. They are easy to find on the device label, and if you have the SICK InstallBase Manager smartphone app, you can access device information via the 2D barcode.”

“Simply create a virtual representation of your real device in the online AssetHub, then pair your real device with the virtual representation. Then, you can manage data routing and forwarding from your virtual device to other SICK applications, such as dashboards, or create and API key to connect with third party dashboards, applications or enterprise systems.

“With LiveConnect, if I’m an operations manager, for example, I can get a real-time check by taking a peek into my sensor inventory.  I could find out, for example, is a device operational? What is it outputting? Is it detecting something or someone in the scanning zone? What distance is being measured? Is it reading the bar code? Is it set up in the correct position? and so on.”

Cross-Industry Solution

LiveConnect brings together SICK’s operational software, powered by SICK’s AppSpace, with its cloud environment, SICK IntegrationSpace.  It marks a milestone for SICK in establishing solid foundations for its future digital services, because connection between sensor and cloud is the first step in managing and monitoring data to achieve optimum operational efficiency.  SICK LiveConnect provides the standard needed and offers a secure way to bring sensor data online.

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SICK is a global leader in sensors and sensing systems for factory automation, logistics automation and process control. SICK’s comprehensive product portfolio encompasses sensors, encoders, machinery safety, machine vision and auto-identification in use by customers all over the world. Established for over 70 years, SICK products range from simple optical devices through to embedded intelligent systems, ready to meet the needs of Industry 4.0.

SICK sensors: At the heart of automation

SICK is one of the world’s leaders in sensors and sensing technologies for factory automation, logistics automation and process control.

SICK’s comprehensive product portfolio encompasses sensors, encoders, machinery safety, machine vision and auto-identification. The company also provides process instrumentation for gas and fluid flow and for chemical and pollutant detection.

From simple optical sensors and barcode readers to complex safety systems; from machine vision to emissions monitoring, SICK’s intelligent sensor solutions facilitate advanced automation and process control.

SICK products are designed with simplicity of installation and operation in mind. They help customers to achieve greater reliability and productivity, increased production flexibility and more efficient use of resources.

Founded in Germany more than 70 years ago, SICK employs more than 7,400 employees worldwide. The company invests heavily in research and development and is leading the way in smart sensor development to support Industry 4.0 objectives.

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