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SICK Stegmann has introduced the TTK70, an absolute, non-contact linear measuring system that delivers measuring lengths up to 4,000mm, resolution of

It achieves this at operating speeds up to 10m/s.

The result is precise and reliable absolute position determination for linear motors in a diverse range of applications.

The TTK70 motor feedback system is rated for operation in temperatures ranging from -30C to +85C.

It carries the CE mark and is RoHS compliant.

The TTK70 consists of a read head and a magnetic tape featuring a magnetic code that forms the measuring scale – 10mm wide, and up to 4,000mm long.

The code consists of an incremental and an absolute track (twin-track tape).

Absolute position values are calculated by the read head first detecting the absolute starting position during start-up of the linear motor.

All further positions of the drive are determined via the incremental position on the magnetic track – in other words, sine/cosine signals.

The values are transmitted via the Hiperface interface to the evaluation electronics of the linear drive – a method of communication that is now available for linear measuring systems.

The result is an interface standard for all common servo drives, that covers all applications, with only one signal type.

The robust metal housing of the read head offers IP65 protection, has two mounting holes designed for high tightening torques and even with the plug connection is hardly bigger than a matchbox.

Inside, the TTK70 is said to feature the latest in sensor and evaluation technology.

The sensor PCB, which is aligned with the measuring plane, is equipped with Hall sensors on two parallel tracks.

When installed, their placement coincides with the position of an incremental and an absolute track on the magnetic tape.

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