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Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems now offers additional conveyor capabilities for its flexible Siplace SX-Series machines, with new options for long boards, heavy boards and thick boards.

The increased placement area of the Siplace SX with the Long Board Option allows the user to populate boards up to 610mm long in a single, consistent placement process, which increases the line throughput rate for extra-long boards.

With the Heavy Board Option, boards weighing up to 5kg (single conveyor) or two 2kg (dual conveyor) can be processed.

With the Thick Board Option, Siplace SX machines can be upgraded for board thicknesses of 4.5 to 6mm.

In combination with its wide range of head, gantry and feeder module options, the new options for exotic boards expand the Siplace SX platform’s flexibility even further.

With its large placement area, the new Siplace SX can populate oversized boards (up to 610mm x 560mm) without intermediate stepping.

If a dual conveyor is installed, two boards with dimensions of up to 610mm x 262mm can be processed side-by-side in synchronous, asynchronous or i-Placement mode.

The elimination of the stepping requirement improves the throughput rate for large boards and makes expensive duplicate setups unnecessary.

Many oversized boards are also very heavy.

For such cases, the Siplace team offers the Heavy Board Option with a heavy-duty conveyor.

In a single-lane environment, it allows boards weighing up to 5kg (11lb) to be processed.

In a dual-conveyor environment, two boards weighing up to 2kg (4.4lb) each can be handled.

Support pins, vario-grids and soft mats stand ready to keep the boards from sagging even under heavy pressure, for example, when placing connectors.

Extra-thick boards with thicknesses of 4.5 to 6mm can be processed with the Thick Board Option on the Siplace SX, and the line can be converted between setups from thick boards to normal boards up to 4.5mm thick.

New transport options are available with the current v704 of the Siplace station software.

With the options for special board formats, Siplace has improved the usability spectrum of its Siplace SX Capacity-on-Demand platform.

By offering a wide range of options in terms of placement heads, software, conveyors and feeder modules, the Siplace team is positioning its SX-Series as a platform for small and medium-sized production environments that is as speedy as it is flexible.

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