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Red Bull Racing has developed and manufactured its championship-winning car using product lifecycle management (PLM) software from Siemens.

The software forms the digital backbone of the manufacturing process and enables new components to be designed at high speed on the computer, sent into production seconds later via a mouse click and then built into the vehicle.

This speeds up development and improves lap times.

‘Siemens PLM software plays an important role within the company feeding data from our design engineers to our manufacturing facilities,’ said Christian Horner, team principal of Red Bull Racing.

In addition, Siemens is now reducing the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the team’s factory buildings and production systems in Milton Keynes, UK.

Products manufactured within the F1 sector have to be developed and manufactured as fast as possible.

Minimal changes in configuration can affect the entire performance of the car.

During the brief periods between races, around 100 engineers at Red Bull Racing work with the Siemens software to make the cars just that bit faster.

The engineers virtually develop the entire vehicle, constantly design new components, assemble all 4,000 individual parts and put the vehicle through its paces – all while sitting at the computer.

One click of the mouse allows the developers to have the new parts milled and moulded immediately – it is not necessary to enter any data by hand into the machine tools or other IT systems.

Using the software, Red Bull Racing has reduced physical prototyping and limited material waste.

Designers and manufacturers are said to have regained up to 75 per cent of their time by eliminating repetitive portions of the process.

To make the vehicle suitable for the various race tracks with their particular characteristics, many configurations are available.

The engineers design and simulate the interplay of the parts on the computer to find the best combination.

All the developers and engineers across the entire production facility can access all the data they need, whether in the factory or on the racetrack, at any time, always aware of what was altered on the car.

Siemens is also optimising Red Bull Racing’s factory with products from its environmental portfolio.

The object is to reduce the plant’s energy costs, resource consumption and CO2 emissions and also make the production processes more efficient.

Siemens is currently inspecting the entire production process, including all the existing machines and work processes.

It is also carrying out an energy check on the building technology, heating and air-conditioning systems.

Siemens PLM Software

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