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Siemens PLM Software has announced the availability of Parasolid Version 22.0 of its PLM 3D geometric modelling component software.

Parasolid V22 delivers a variety of modelling enhancements.

A new capability allows an application calling Parasolid to replace some faces of a body with a sheet, while performing complex model edits such as face transformation or re-blend.

For example, an edit can change the shape of a cut-out while simultaneously moving an adjacent face.

A callback function has been added to the face edit and hollowing functions to provide control to the application calling Parasolid in situations where there are multiple possible solutions to complex modelling operations.

The callback notifies the application of areas of the model where there are multiple solutions so it can choose the one that best suits the user’s expectations.

Re-blending has been enhanced to cover more classes of imported data.

This increases the ability to simplify a chain of blends into a more consistent and usable form when creating robust models from imported data.

This enhancement also enables more changes to be made to the underlying topology of certain blend configurations, giving a better result without end-user intervention.

Three-face blending controls and coverage is extended to match that available in face-to-face blending, with the addition of advanced capping and trimming capabilities.

This enhancement boosts the success rate of highly complicated operations and improves end-user productivity.

For example, when end-users want to perform blend operations on large models without consideration for the complex blend configurations that already exist, or that may be created.

Operations have been added to support advanced, non-manifold modelling, used extensively in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), and computer-aided engineering (CAE) applications.

Boolean operations can now be performed on wire bodies and the API provides tools to identify and control the merging of redundant topology as well as managing the precision of non-manifold edges.

Inquiry and optimisation tools have also been enhanced and substantial improvements have been made to neutral sheet trimming for CAE analysis work.

Siemens PLM is also releasing the latest version of Parasolid Bodyshop, an add-on component that validates and optimises the integrity and reliability of imported data using model healing and repair technology.

Parasolid Bodyshop V13 features extensive model optimisation enhancements which can be evaluated via plug-ins provided for the Parasolid Workshop prototyping environment.

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