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Sierra-CP has worked with clean-technology company Protean Electric to develop a test system for its in-wheel motor and direct-drive systems.

Mark Potter from Protean said: ‘We didn’t have the time to fully develop a detailed scope of supply document, so we needed to select a supplier that we could partner with, who had the experience to interpret the brief technical scope of our requirements and the expertise to deliver a system that could meet our current and future testing needs.’

Sierra-CP initially looked at a conventional chassis dynamometer for this application, but after considering the aspects of location and client deadlines for operational use chose to propose a powertrain system that could accept full vehicle installation by connecting to the test vehicle wheel hubs.

Four fully independent AC dynamometers were incorporated to provide individual control of each wheel hub and the overall system is controlled by Sierra-CP’s Cadet V14 test automation software.

Key benefits of product application

  • Potter said Sierra-CP met the scope of the brief and produced a test system that provides the ideal platform to enable Protean to develop and showcase its technologies for many years to come.
  • Protean can test two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles with adjustable track and wheel base for a range of vehicle sizes.
  • The software provides the platform for the system control, test scheduling, safety protection and data acquisition.
  • The system is capable of steady-state operation for durability and key life evaluation.
  • Transient dynamometers can simulate road load cycles for product development and benchmark evaluation.
  • This approach can provide the added benefit of increasing the level of discrimination by eliminating the potential test influences that testing on the tyres introduces.

Sierra CP Engineering

Driven by our long-established roots in engine emissions sampling systems, our acquisition of CP Engineering in late 2011 has significantly grown our Automotive Test Systems Division. We now cover the complete range of automotive test applications including engine, vehicle, powertrain, transmission, emissions, analytical and component testing.

Since the formation of our Emissions Division in the early 1990s, we have been deeply involved in the engine and vehicle development and testing industry. Our innovative BG3 Partial Flow Dilution (PDF) engine particulate emissions sampling technology is the leading technology of its kind in the world and is viewed as the standard in the industry.

Our new Automotive Test Systems Division is now appropriately named Sierra-CP Engineering. Sierra-CP is now the only US-owned complete turn-key automotive test systems company in the industry and has manufacturing and support facilities spread across the globe. 

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