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Sierra CP Engineering has introduced version 14 of its Cadet test automation software. Cadet V14 is an open and intuitive software platform designed for industrial applications including engine, powertrain, transmission, emissions, analytical, vehicle and component testing.

Cadet V14 offers specific application functions such as engine, vehicle component and so on, featuring increased channel capacity, an updated customisable user interface, input channel linearisation, transient data logging, an OBD II interface, enhanced PID tuning and channel calibration, improved security levels and the addition of power curves and X-Y plotting capability.

The Cadet V14 Chassis Dynamometer System (CDS) provides enhancements to the chassis dynamometer, vehicle dynamometer, Vehicle Robot and CAN interface while taking advantage of multi-core processors and hyper-threaded technology.

Cadet V14 also has a suite of special software enhancements to give test engineers the tools to improve lab management productivity, speed up transient test scheduling and perform gear-shift feel/force analysis and vehicle simulation.

Key features

Cadet V14

  • High-speed DCC, real-time control
  • Drag-and-drop customisation of user display layout pages
  • Ability to create custom functions with Visual Basic
  • Multiple screen operation
  • New layouts for values, instruments, digital I/O, tracker, calibration, PID tuning and test history displays
  • Primary setpoints and up to eight secondary setpoints displayed at the same time
  • Mode of both primary setpoints can be changed at same time using pop-up dialogue box
  • Manual entry of primary setpoint values using pop-up dialogue box
  • System status mini-tab showing log file paths and calibration time remaining
  • Menu and button control bar added at top of window
  • Test status indicators moved to bottom of window
  • Flashing indicator when out of calibration
  • Four configurable function buttons to call event, stage jump, for example, for idle no-load
  • Averaged manual log (in addition to original snap shot), editable drop list for average time
  • Fixed value, dial and tracker displays use standard logical channel names
  • Ability to drag any logical channel to a fixed channel, tracker or dial display position

Chassis Dynamometer and Road Load Simulation

  • Support for up to 10 independently driven dynamometers
  • Support for bidirectional operation, forward and reverse
  • Support for installed direction (allows vehicle to be mounted on rolls facing ether way)
  • Increased speed measurement resolution
  • Simplified configuration settings

Vehicle Robot

  • Improvements to manual pull-away, clutch wear detection
  • Support for motor cycles and three-wheeler vehicles with various actuation methods
  • Enhanced support for automatics for modern tip-tronic style
  • Optional drive violation detection

CAN Interface

  • Uses standard CAN DB files for message definition
  • Ability to map up to 100 CAN variables directly to physical channels, user variables, setpoints and digital

I/O Using Configuration Files

  • Variables can be updated at control rate, with faster repeat using interface card
  • Support for single-/dual-port National Instruments interface cards
  • Support for multiple interface cards with up to eight ports in total
  • No Visual Basic programming required

Sierra CP Engineering

Driven by our long-established roots in engine emissions sampling systems, our acquisition of CP Engineering in late 2011 has significantly grown our Automotive Test Systems Division. We now cover the complete range of automotive test applications including engine, vehicle, powertrain, transmission, emissions, analytical and component testing.

Since the formation of our Emissions Division in the early 1990s, we have been deeply involved in the engine and vehicle development and testing industry. Our innovative BG3 Partial Flow Dilution (PDF) engine particulate emissions sampling technology is the leading technology of its kind in the world and is viewed as the standard in the industry.

Our new Automotive Test Systems Division is now appropriately named Sierra-CP Engineering. Sierra-CP is now the only US-owned complete turn-key automotive test systems company in the industry and has manufacturing and support facilities spread across the globe. 

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