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Sierra Instruments has introduced a cryogenic version of its Innova-Mass multivariable mass vortex flowmeter to the liquefied gas measurement market.

This application has been historically serviced by the turbine flowmeter; however, given that the multivariable mass vortex meter has no moving parts to wear out or be serviced, the instrument can provide a more reliable, stable reading and an increased service life, according to Sierra Instruments.

The Innova-Mass cryogenic version has undergone extensive testing and field validation and can be used for measuring mass flow rates of cryogenic fluids down to -328F (-200C).

Using a special cryogenic temperature RTD, mass calculations are done with the latest density equations of state for liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon and CO2.

The Innova-Mass Model 240 and Model 241 measure five process variables – mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature, pressure and density – through one process connection.

Since everything is calibrated together, system accuracy is very high, according to Sierra.

Because mass flow is directly measured, the Reynolds number can be dynamically calculated and the flow profile effects in large pipes calculated in real time.

This allows Sierra’s insertion Model 241 to make reliable measurements in large pipes (up to 72in) where using an in-line meter would be cost prohibitive.

The Innova-Mass is loop powered, with power in, a programmable analogue output and a Hart or Modbus signal riding on the same two wires.

Sierra Instruments

With in excess of 150 locations in more than 50 countries, our Flow Measurement and Control Division is known for the design and manufacture of innovative high-performance fluid flow measurement and control instrumentation for nearly any gas, liquid and steam application spanning across global industries as diverse as scientific research, semiconductor, wastewater treatment, iron and steel, clean energy, aerospace and biotech, to name a few.

Experience our passion for flow

Our Flow Measurement and Control Division designs and manufactures high-precision capillary-sensor-based mass flowmeters and controllers for gas flow in applications. We also design and manufacture immersible thermal mass, transit-time ultrasonic, vortex shedding and multivariable flow instruments in both standard and customised versions for applications in industrial and hazardous environments.

Our technologies precisely measure and/or control very low flows of gas down to less than 1sccm full scale, as well as extremely high flows of gas, liquid and steam. With rugged product design, cutting-edge innovation and a worldwide team of flow experts, we know you will 'experience our passion for flow'.

Our flowmeters and controllers provide a high return on investment.

  • Direct mass flowmeters provide improved accuracy and cost efficiencies
  • Direct mass flowmeters do not need pressure or temperature compensation equipment or flow computers
  • Flowmeters provide immunity to process changes in P&T, leading to very repeatable measurements
  • In gases, density is highly variable. Unlike mass flowmeters, volumetric gas flowmeters are very sensitive to changes in pressure and temperature
  • Mass flowmeters are a necessity in more than 80 per cent of all industrial processes such as those involving chemical reactions, combustion, respiration and HVAC, which are based on mass flow, not volumetric flow

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