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Sierra Instruments has published a free 40-page Sierra Clean Energy Guide that offers engineers, plant managers and designers an insight into how the company is developing sustainable solutions.

The guide details a range of problem/solution scenarios, including high-performance flow-measurement tools that help create biofuel from solid waste and unlocking the carbon history in Antarctic ice to determine how much CO2 the ocean can digest.

Matthew J Olin, president of Sierra, said geothermal and solar industry insiders will find the guide invaluable.

The guide reveals how Sierra’s 241 insertion vortex mass flow meter drives steam measurement efficiency with improved accuracy, wider turndown, and reliability at a lower installed cost.

It also details how Sierra’s Smart-Trak2 is playing a key role in the manufacture of photovoltaic panels.

End users in the biogas, wastewater and landfill industries will see how challenging applications in these sectors are met using Sierra’s thermal mass flow meter offerings, the model 640S and 780S.

The industrial thermal devices features dry sensor technology backed by a lifetime warranty, pinpoint accuracy and wide turndown.

In addition, the guide explores how water and energy conservation efforts are met using the model 205 clamp-on, non-intrusive ultrasonic flow meter, designed to measure thermal energy flow rate and totalised energy consumption in liquid heating and cooling applications.

Sierra Instruments

With in excess of 150 locations in more than 50 countries, our Flow Measurement and Control Division is known for the design and manufacture of innovative high-performance fluid flow measurement and control instrumentation for nearly any gas, liquid and steam application spanning across global industries as diverse as scientific research, semiconductor, wastewater treatment, iron and steel, clean energy, aerospace and biotech, to name a few.

Experience our passion for flow

Our Flow Measurement and Control Division designs and manufactures high-precision capillary-sensor-based mass flowmeters and controllers for gas flow in applications. We also design and manufacture immersible thermal mass, transit-time ultrasonic, vortex shedding and multivariable flow instruments in both standard and customised versions for applications in industrial and hazardous environments.

Our technologies precisely measure and/or control very low flows of gas down to less than 1sccm full scale, as well as extremely high flows of gas, liquid and steam. With rugged product design, cutting-edge innovation and a worldwide team of flow experts, we know you will 'experience our passion for flow'.

Our flowmeters and controllers provide a high return on investment.

  • Direct mass flowmeters provide improved accuracy and cost efficiencies
  • Direct mass flowmeters do not need pressure or temperature compensation equipment or flow computers
  • Flowmeters provide immunity to process changes in P&T, leading to very repeatable measurements
  • In gases, density is highly variable. Unlike mass flowmeters, volumetric gas flowmeters are very sensitive to changes in pressure and temperature
  • Mass flowmeters are a necessity in more than 80 per cent of all industrial processes such as those involving chemical reactions, combustion, respiration and HVAC, which are based on mass flow, not volumetric flow

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