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SiGe Semiconductor has announced the SE2566U, an RF front-end solution that integrates two 2.4GHz fully matched power amplifiers on a single die.

The architecture optimises size and power consumption, enabling manufacturers to support wireless multimedia applications in computing and embedded systems.

The device also integrates harmonic filters, input and output matching circuitry, and power detectors for each transmit stream in a small 3mm x 3mm package.

The high level of integration reduces external bill of materials by 80 per cent when compared with two unmatched PAs for MIMO solutions.

The SE2566U offers MIMO capability with dual power amplifier paths.

The device also includes an integrated receive path situated between the two transmit paths to offer the designer maximum layout flexibility for two-transmit by two-receive (2 x 2) or 2 x 3 architectures.

With the SE2566U, SiGe Semiconductor has solved the challenge of supporting two data streams on a single die.

The device includes techniques to achieve a low-loss pass-through transmission line for the RX signal.

Additionally, integrated filters ensure that the harmonic contribution of the PA is reduced to -50dBm/MHz.

By minimising interference, the SE2566U ensures that systems can support MIMO capability for 802.11n implementations while achieving high system-level performance.

Until now, manufacturers wanting to implement a dual-stream MIMO solution had to use two discrete, unmatched power amplifiers.

Discrete MIMO solutions consume approximately 250 per cent more board area than the SE2566U.

The SE2566U also features an integrated load-insensitive transmit power detector offering 20dB of dynamic range.

The detector is temperature compensated for consistent and accurate performance.

The SE2566U also integrates a reference voltage generator, which allows 1.8V Cmos digital control directly from the baseband, and eliminates the need for analogue bias controls while drawing less than 1uA.

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