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Pepperl and Fuchs has introduced KC Series signal conditioners with a 12.5mm-wide footprint and low power consumption that reduces heat output.

These features make the devices a suitable option in control rooms with limited space in both hazardous area and general-purpose locations.

The SIL-rated KC modules deliver a broad range with three-port isolation, and can be programmed and configured in the field with pushbutton or dip switch logic functions.

They provide limit detection with form C alarm contacts, as well as fault detection and alarm functionality.

Additional features include loop-powered and analogue isolators and removable terminals that reduce maintenance.

In a large project, the KC module’s smaller size can potentially reduce the number of cabinets required, eliminating the costs of additional cabinet hardware and wiring.

As KC modules consume less power, users may be able to use smaller power supplies than would otherwise be required.

Consuming less power reduces heat generation, and less heat means smaller cooling systems, further reducing cabinet space requirements.

The key to process control is accuracy, both in terms of measurement and signal conditioning.

The biggest threat to effective process control is the presence of ground loops.

Whenever analogue data is transferred through long cable runs, there is a high probability that ground loop problems will occur.

A ground loop exists when multiple earth ground connections are made in a system.

A difference in potential between the grounds generates an extraneous current flow in the signal conductor.

The result is commonly known as noise.

In its mildest form, noise in the signal line causes measurement offsets, incorrect sensor readings and general signal corruption.

In its most severe form, noise contamination erodes communication to a point where process control is lost.

Signal conditioners provide the necessary isolation as well as amplification, filtering and linearity corrections to prevent noise.

Pepperl and Fuchs

Pepperl+Fuchs is a leading developer and manufacturer of electronic sensors and components for the global automation market. Continuous innovation, enduring quality, and steady growth have guaranteed continued success for more than 60 years. Pepperl+Fuchs employs 3,950 people worldwide and has manufacturing facilities in Germany, USA, Singapore, Hungary, Indonesia and Vietnam, most of them ISO 9001 certified.

One Company- Two Divisions

The Factory Automation Division is a leading manufacturer of industrial sensors designed to address specific market needs on a global basis. We offer a full range of inductive, capacitive, photoelectric, and ultrasonic sensors as well as identification systems, barcode and camera systems, rotary encoders, position measurement systems, cordsets, and other accessories.

The Process Automation Division is the undisputed market leader in intrinsically safe explosion protection components and protection of hazardous area applications. Our products enable you to combine a wide range of electronic equipment into complete, application-oriented system solutions. You can choose from many modules of our various product lines: isolated barriers, signal conditioners, fieldbus infrastructure, remote I/O, HART interfaces, level measurement, purge and pressurization, visualization and HMI, power supplies as well as alarm systems for oil separators.

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