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The new Silopilot FMM20 is a low-cost, versatile electromechanical level measuring device from Endress+Hauser.

The uncomplicated, but ruggedly-constructed instrument is unaffected by silo geometry, dust, temperature, low dielectric values or static electricity.

The simple-to-operate E+H Silopilot FMM20 is ideal for use in bunkers and silos holding light bulk solids such as wheat, plastic granules and powder.

A sensing weight is attached to a stainless steel tape and lowered into the vessel.

When the descending sensing weight detects a lack of tension in the steel tape, it is wound back while the tape undergoes self-cleaning.

The length of the tape is measured during the rewind and the microprocessor computes the level of the solids in the vessel.

Different sensing weight designs can be selected depending on the contents of the storage bins and there are different options for light and dusty, fine-grain and coarse-grain bulk solids.

The Silopilot FMM20 provides an accurate, low-maintenance solution for a wide range of challenging level measurement applications in vessels up to 32metres with an accuracy of +/-2.5cm.

The precision and reliability of the Silopilot level readings can be attributed to the on-board microprocessor that automatically detects and addresses unexpected problems by providing clear, easy-to-follow operational instructions.

The microprocessor will also detect and notify when a weight gets bogged and sound an alarm if the tape breaks.

Alternative radar and ultrasonic transmitters require on-site commissioning and complex fine-tuning.

In contrast, the energy-efficient Silopilot FMM20 is pre-calibrated at the factory and boxed at a lightweight 11.5kg for shipment to plug and play level-measurement applications.

Endress and Hauser Australia

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