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Acal Technology has announced the SIM 802, a single-chip module that combines short-range RF with an embedded SIM for GSM or GPRS communication.

Designed for low-cost machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, such as smart metering, wireless sensing, telemetry or access control and security, SIMCom’s SIM 802 module can connect to an unlimited number of slave nodes and features programmable transmit power to maximise battery life.

Integrated into a 33 x 33 x 5.15mm package, the combination of short-range RF and GSM/GPRS reduces the board space, component count and engineering effort required to implement multi-channel mesh networks.

The integrated SIM can be factory preset to an airtime provider to give an additional layer of security by eliminating the risk of the SIM being removed and used with a different airtime provider.

Receiver sensitivity of -115dBM at 1,200bps, combined with programmable transmit power and air data rates of 1,200bps to 115,200bps, allows the SIM 802 to simplify multi-channel communication in the 433Mhz to 928MHz ISM frequency bands.

Short-range RF connection is supported over distances of up to 1kW at a maximum of 20mW output power with support for peer-to-peer or broadcast transmissions.

16-bit RFID is available as an option.

The quad-band SIM 802 operates at 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz or 1900MHz and is compliant to GSM phase 2/2+.

It also meets the specifications for GPRS multi-slot class 10/8 and mobile station class B.

It includes interfaces for analogue audio, an LCD display, keypad, RTC back-up, battery charging and GPIO as well as serial and debug interfaces for GSM/GPRS and SRD RF.

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