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Simio has released the Simio Version 2 simulation software, which include improvements to the user interface, model debugging/validation tools and the addition of network licensing.

Other key improvements include: business graphics; status charts; object state tracking; file importing; distributions; functions; 10-dimension arrays; relational database tables; execution speed; workstation object searching; dynamic selection rules; and Windows 7 support.

The new user interface simplifies navigation around the model.

In particular, the main windows have been reorganised to enhance finding and navigating between model components.

Many aspects have been simplified to allow users to concentrate on the most important features yet still access advanced features when necessary.

More right-click options have been added, utility windows can be hidden to achieve full-screen animation, objects are labelled better and features have been added to make models more self documenting and easier to validate, according to the company.

Version 2 also includes new network server licensing for Simio’s Enterprise Edition and University Edition.

Both can be installed on a network server, allowing one or more licenses to be shared across multiple users or geographic locations.

The company has also added more help, documentation and online videos as well as two new airport and manufacturing/assembly sample models.

The airport model illustrates the ticketing, check-in, security and boarding processes of a typical airport terminal.

The manufacturing/assembly simulation shows the assembly and shipping of lamps, including lift trucks and conveyors and moving resources to move parts.

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